Current Courses
Antiques Course with a Practical Element
Course Dates: 25-28 June 2018 (inclusive)
Price: £745 + VAT

I now offer a practical element to my Antique Furniture Course.

Join in and have a go at repairing a piece of furniture and appreciate the satisfaction of bringing something back to life.

We will look into restoration, veneers, glues & French polishing .


  • Examining furniture both in the workshop and elsewhere
  • Understanding and identifying woods with a comprehensive wood chart,
  • Reviewing styles of furniture and understanding their periods
  • The importance of furniture restoration, its effect and a chance to try your hand
  • How to polishing and learn different techniques
  • Looking at adapted and transformed furniture
  • Recognising fakes from the genuine article

Price £745 +Vat

 For more information please contact Jeremy Gow on 01307 465 342

Courses start 9.30am each day and finish at 5pm and take place at the showroom and workshop with a delicious lunch provided each daily. Courses have been attended by the Art and Antiques unit of Scotland Yard, Antiques dealer, collectors, guides of stately homes, and many other enthusiasts. People have come from Japan, Russia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and all corners of Europe.

I have been restoring Antique furniture for over thirty years, and worked extensively in Europe before coming back home to Scotland and starting my own business in 1993. I have worked for the National Galleries of Scotland and many Museums, Royal Palaces and Stately homes. I am a proud member of the British Antique Furniture Restoration Association (BAFRA) and am the only member in Scotland.  I am also a member of the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association, (LAPADA)


Gow Antiques & Restoration Ltd


The 3 day Antique Furniture Recognition Course
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Course Dates: 2018: 7-9 March (inclusive) and 21-23 May (inclusive)
Price: £345 (Inc. VAT £414)

    • Over three days a huge variety of British furniture is viewed. We focus on a comprehensive range of topics with the aim to equip you with a more in-depth knowledge of the subject. These topics will include:
      • Dating furniture and learning styles
      • Recognising fakes from the genuine article
      • Understanding different wood and other materials
      • Recognising adapted and transformed furniture
      • Understanding the art market and secrets of the trade
      • How to invest wisely in antiques
      • The course has no more than eight people and serves to be as interactive as possible. Each day is structured to combine theory with practical work. Pieces of theory are followed by the opportunity to handle and inspect closely parts and examples. In addition your new knowledge is put to the test when examining different items of furniture.
      • The course is held in a bustling workshop, where fine items of furniture are in the process of getting restored and conserved. We look into different sides of restoration and talk about new and old methods and their advantages.

The three day course starts at 9.30am daily and finishes at 5pm, all stationery is provided.

  • A delicious lunch is provided daily with wine, this is a perfect time to digest the morning’s work and ask questions.

Review of 3-Day Antique Furniture Recognition Course: Gow Antiques

I did this course, which is taught by Jeremy Gow, in May 2016. When I was researching it, I was surprised by the paucity of reviews of it – and even more so after completing it, as I thought it really was excellent (and also very good value for money!). Jeremy is an undoubted expert in his field – and, since he works restoring furniture, he has an in depth understanding of its construction, which, since styles often undergo revivals, can often be key to dating a piece. I thought the course was very well structured with tuition on different styles/periods/materials/details etc. always backed up by hands on examination of pieces. Jeremy’s workshop is extensive, well organised and packed with examples of many different types/styles of furniture – making it an ideal venue for a course of this nature. Also, each learning segment was followed by a related quiz or test, in which the students were grouped into twos or threes (the groupings were changed each time) and we had to answer questions on different items of furniture (which really encouraged us to look carefully at all elements of the piece in question and helped to give us the confidence to make our own assessments). Jeremy has taken great care with the preparation of his supporting materials. Not only does he have an extensive archive of photos of pieces he has worked on to show students, but he has also prepared various display boards with, for example, brass handles, escutcheons etc. of different styles and periods attached to them. He is an excellent tutor (quite fascinating to listen to), as well as a courteous and generous host. The morning and afternoon sessions (the latter often overran, whilst Jeremy patiently answered extra questions from the group) were punctuated by a break for fresh coffee/tea and biscuits – and each day the superb 2-course lunch (home cooked, usually from local ingredients e.g. his own venison) was always preceded by a drinks reception and plenty of fine wine, as desired – all of this served within Jeremy’s gorgeous antique-filled 17th/18th century mansion (the surrounding estate, which includes a walled garden, of which we had a tour, and dovecot, is beautifully kept and the views of the surrounding countryside are lovely). I believe there is an opportunity for students to stay on site in one of the wings of this fascinating historic house. The small size of the group (ours included two overseas students, which I understand is fairly common) allows for plenty of individual attention, as well as making the course feel quite intimate. I both thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away feeling I had learned a lot (including new ways of looking at antique furniture) and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen his/her knowledge of this subject. The gorgeous venue/location and excellent hospitality were the icing on the cake – and really, I feel, add a great deal of extra value to the overall package. In my opinion, Jeremy is too modest and probably undersells what he is offering (although the reasonable price did at least make it affordable for me, rather than something more elite, which, I reckon, it could easily have become). My thanks to him for an invaluable and unforgettable learning experience.

The Advanced Course
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Course Dates: TBC - Please contact us for further information
Price: £745 (Inc. VAT £894)

    • This course is aimed at those with a sound knowledge of antiques already. It is particularly suited to those in the trade or those hoping to start their own antique business.
    • We cover a whole range of topics including those mentioned above.
    • We look at restoration in more depth, discuss setting up and running a business and the four days culminate in a comprehensive final exam which tests the participants understanding of what was discussed during the course. This is usually set in a private house with interesting furniture for candidates to explore further.
    • We will sometimes go around a stately home or an auction locally.
    • This course is ideal for those looking to further their Continual Professional Development (CPD) training.The workshop is full of interesting pieces of all periods.
    • There is a

strong practical restoration element

    to this course which will involve French Polishing (staining and waxing) and undertaking minor repairs (veneering and gluing up skills). For more detailed information about this please contact Jeremy.
  • The four day advanced course costs £745+Vat = £894 which includes all stationary, comprehensive course notes and a delicious lunch each day
The Fun Day Course
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Course Dates: No fixed dates - please enquire to book this course as dates are flexible
Price: £40 (Inc. VAT)

  • This course runs from 9:30am to 4pm and is a fun introduction to antique furniture.
  • We have a welcome coffee and shortbread at 9:30 and have a tour of the workshop so that guests can see what items we are currently restoring then it is upstairs to the showroom for some viewing and handling of a wide variety of antiques.
  • A delicious lunch is provided and in the afternoon we continue our examination of antiques and discuss tips for buying antiques wisely.
  • We invite group bookings from 10 to 20 people and have held successful groups from Art Clubs, birthday parties, discerning Stag and Hen parties and just friends wanting to get together to learn something new.
  • We can cater these days to each individual group’s requirements so please do get in touch to discuss further.
  • We run these courses to order so are completely flexible with dates.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to reserve a place, with the balance payable four weeks in advance of the course. To register for a course please contact us

Our courses have been attended by the Art and Antiques Unit of Scotland Yard, antique dealers from all different fields from all over the globe, collectors, and guides of stately homes, farmers, and many other enthusiasts including a helicopter pilot! Our youngest participant was 19 and our eldest has been 84 so everyone is very welcome!